Kayla Uncovered

Kayla Uncovered

19 / hopeless romantic & optimist / psychology major, junior / still looking for the rest of myself.

I’m mad that neither of those anons ever explained my bad traits to me

Shelby Asquith, Home In The Heart Of Summer (via exahele)

(via dre4mc4tcher)

Autumn is creeping up like some
wild little thing full of color
and you still have the staleness—
the salty sweat of summer in
your mouth. You creak like
a peeling porch swing in
June, knowing at any moment
someone will weigh you down
with far heavier things than you
can handle. You’ll collapse
into the quiet sweltering heat,
and then what? There will be
a boy. There always is. He’ll
look at you with those eyes
of his and he’ll say, “Come home.”
And you’ll say “Yes, yes.”
And you’ll believe him and you
always will to some degree.
Even after the harvest has ended
and the harshness of winter
drives him away in search
of less fragile naked things.




ahem… just gonna leave this here…

stop this is too much

One day I will stop reblogging this, but today is not that day… Tomorrow doesn’t look good either

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